Evolution: Biology - Introduction to evolutionary biology  

Evolution: Biology

Overview: Introduction to evolutionary biology

Main features of the evolutionary doctrineevolution, schöpfung

Literally the word 'evolution' means the 'turning out' or expression of an already finished disposition. However, this term has been given a different contradictory meaning in evolutionary doctrine. Without prior disposition, something completely new is supposed to have come to be through natural processes again and again.


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The branches of evolution researchevolution, schöpfung

Evolution research seeks to provide evidence for the evolution of life forms, to trace the developmental paths and explain the mechanisms that  lead to change.


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Micro- and macroevolutionevolution, creation

 One of the basic questions of evolutionary research is whether or not inferences can be drawn from the fact that living beings undergo observable minor changes. Can these changes in time be cause for the development of new types and bodyplans? Does a lot of microevolution already mean macroevolution?


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Concepts of speciesevolution, schöpfung

The concept of species is basic to biology. Yet despite intensive efforts, no concept has been defined to date which is both adequate for all organisms and generally accepted.


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