Evolution: Search for the origin of life and naturalism - Basic considerations on origins research  

Evolution: Search for the origin of life and naturalism

Overview: Basic considerations on origins research

The question of originnaturalismus, ursprungsforschung

The origin and the history of the world – where life and the cosmos came from – cannot be directly researched, but only reconstructed on the basis of evidence. What is construed will depend on what tenet is applied.


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What is evolution?evolution, schöpfung

Evolution, the ability of species to change over the course of many generations, is a basic phenomena in biology. The extent to which life forms are able to change however, is rated very differently by the theories of evolution and creation.


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Life by coincidence and natural laws evolution, schöpfung

From the evolutionistic point of view, individual life forms developed by chance. This coincidence is, however, 'channeled' by natural laws. Both together are believed to drive the change of species.


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The current stance of many biologists evolution, schöpfung

Most biologists no longer question the basic concept of phylogeny. They usually work on the basis of a naturalist world view


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Monopoly on interpretation and education evolution, schöpfung

Advocates of naturalism often tend to believe their world view is incontestable. It is not uncommon for dissidents to be denied participation in the public discourse by authoritarian policy or through defamation


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